What if people tag gore as just. gore? instead of nsfw?

Personally I would tag it both. Because it is still not safe for work. Everything you don’t want your boss to see on your computer screen is basically nsfw. In my opinion gore qualifies for that as well.

I don’t care if we are friends, if you don’t manage to tag your porn, gore, nudity or whatsit as nsfw I will unfollow you without warning.

How do ya draw Rufioh's gorgeous hair?! ASDFGHJK IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! *CRIES*

Thank you Anon!

For Summoner it’s the same, just draw an older asshole! :D

Oh. I forgot today is Homestuck day. Thankfully my dash reminded me.

/goes back to playing gw2 like a nerd

/it’s not like Homestuck will update today anyway

Have an awesome day! :D

You too lovely Anon! I hope you find money on the ground!


Existential Crisis by Julia Lepitet

This is one of the things that cheered me up today. :’)

Petition to make Brienne queen of everything

In a little more than a week I’m gonna go and visit Zee! Mom and Dad will finally be reunited.

May the hair-off continue!


i’m gonna start using this line

Game of Thrones - Spin-off idea

The Adventures of Brienne & Jaime

Stay tuned for more stupid ideas when I’m not half asleep.


the only people to meet brienne and greet her with respect instead of insults on her size and appearance

Some days I’m reminded just how much it’s worth it to make an askblog.

I tried making a bunch of my OCs as Dream Selfies!

Everyone is slightly off but oh well I did what I could. I put their names in the captions.

Bonus: Me



"Your highness" is gender neutral.

So you know, if you’re ever confused about my pronouns.

That’ll work.

alternatively, “your majesty,” “my liege,” and “supreme overlord”

Dear Cola, please don't feel bad about what other people say. You're a great person, and that's all anyone should have to be in life. Just keep on being who you are, and you'll do great! Good luck on your future endeavors!

Thank you so much, Anon! I hope you find money on the ground and you can ride on a unicorn! ;w;